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Hello there! Welcome to my personal website
My name is Dody Agung Saputro, 22 years old, and I’m a freelance web developer.

I write, code and develop some websites. My passion is all about information technology and there is no day without internet. Sometimes, I read online news about funny Indonesian politics too. I’m a cat lover and thanks God for these most cute animals in this world.

If you want to ask any question, need for help, report an error, or just say ‘Hi’ to me, please comment in the Disqus box below on each post. Follow my Twitter and mention me at the right side of this website to get in touch with me. For private and confidential matters, you can drop me an email bellow.

[email protected]

P.S :
I’m from Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia.
It’s a small town at the foothills of a mountain, and you have to feel how cold it here!

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